Best Practices for Safely Sharing Your Internet for Money

Let’s be honest. You are not utilizing all the bandwidth you are paying for. Sometimes, you are sleeping, offline, or just engaged in low-intensive internet activity, such as social media browsing, which does not fully utilize your bandwidth. Since you can’t reclaim the unused bandwidth, the best way to use it is by selling it to third parties to earn money.

Now, many websites and blog posts will advise you on some of the best platforms or ways to share your internet for money. However, few have dedicated efforts to inform you how to do this safely. Let me guide you on some best practices for safely sharing your internet for money. 

Vetting Those You Sell Your Bandwith To

One of the best ways to safely share your internet for money is to vet who you sell your bandwidth to. Many online scammers are after your personal information and can readily access it through proxyware. Many of these scammers have invaded the internet for money business since it is barely regulated.

Vetting the right platform to share your internet with can protect you from scammers and keep your data safe. While the vetting process itself is a test, looking for online ratings and reviews about these internet-for-money apps can provide usable information to decide whether to use their platform or not. has been recommended plenty around as one of the best places for sharing the internet. I know is one of the highest-paying and equally safest sites when it comes to that, so I can vouch for them. Using a site that protects your data and respects your privacy can ensure you safely share all the unused bandwidth you have.

Run a DNS Sinkhole on Your Network 

Choosing the right platform is not enough. You need to ensure additional layers of security to share your internet for money safely. I have found running a DNS sinkhole on my network effective in providing an extra protection layer by intercepting DNS requests attempting to connect to known malicious or unwanted domains.  

With DNS sinkholing, I’ve been able to control how the third party I share my internet with uses my internet. I can restrict access to sites that I deem harmful or those known to engage in the theft or fraud of identifiable personal information. 

Use a Dedicated Computer 

Using a dedicated computer is also one of the most effective ways to safely share my internet for money. Your personal computer has a lot going on there, including folders with passwords and personal documents, among other crucial information. You don’t want this data to get into the hands of a third party.

Setting aside one machine dedicated to sharing my internet for money has effectively avoided the risk of third parties accessing my information. The advantage of a dedicated computer is that in addition to the fact that third parties can’t access your data, it can run 24/7 without disturbance, only sharing your internet and optimizing your earnings. 

Install a Reputable Antivirus Software 

When you share your internet for money, you technically give your customers access to your network. This means you may also be giving them unfettered access to your device. For malicious customers, they can easily infect your device with a virus, costing you massive amounts of money compared to what you would otherwise have earned from sharing your internet. 

Antivirus helps detect and repel malicious attacks on your device. While the additional subscription for an antivirus package may cost you a few extra dollars, it is a worthy investment in maintaining the integrity of your device and data.

Alternatively, there are many free and reputable antivirus software programs out there that can help you defend your device from attack. While I can’t recommend a specific antivirus since everybody has a different budget range and feature preferences, I’d still recommend you consider installing a reliable antivirus before sharing your internet for money. 

Final Words

There you have it — some best practices for safely sharing your internet for money. You need to earn that passive income from your unused bandwidth, but you also want to stay safe and not lose more than you’d have earned. Safety, therefore, should be your number one priority when engaging in this activity. 

Many will tell you how to share your internet for money. However, a quick web search returns scant information on how to do this safely. Based on my personal and professional experiences, I have tried to compile an informative outline of the best practices you can employ. Consider some, if not all, of these practices, and enjoy sharing your internet for money safely. 

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