How to Combine Helambu Gosainkunda with Langtang Trek

How to Combine Helambu Gosainkunda with Langtang Trek

There are three hiking routes in the Langtang region, which is 147 kilometers north of Kathmandu: the Langtang, Gosainkunda, and Helambu. These routes provide numerous adventures, uncommon fauna, and breathtaking mountain views. You may combine the Helambu Gosainkunda and Langtang treks to get the most out of the Langtang region in a single hike. 

The first leg of this combined trek is a hike to Langtang Valley, dubbed “one of the most beautiful valleys.” You will begin this by going to Syabrubesi, from whence you will go up and down to reach the valley. You will view the breathtaking Himalayan ranges, feel the untainted nature, and learn about a distinct culture along the way.

You will continue from Langtang Valley to the holy pilgrimage site of Gosainkunda Lake and the bliss of nature. The path leading to Gosainkunda winds through breathtaking scenery and rhododendron trees that are full of color. There are 108 lakes in the region; in route, you may witness Bhairab Kunda, Saraswati Kunda, Ganesh Kunda, and other lakes. 

You will follow the trail down to the Helambu region after leaving Gosainkunda. This gentle route through verdant woodlands will lead you to the Tamang people’s homeland in the Helambu region. You can witness their genuine culture and way of life in the village. Visitors are included in the festivities and dances by the Hyolmo tribe in the area.

If you sign up for this trip, which combines the three amazing hikes into one, you will make memories that last a lifetime. For an extra excitement, this combination trek is a popular choice among hikers. It is hence among the most well-liked hiking possibilities in Nepal. 

Why Combine Helambu Gosainkunda with Langtang Trek?

You can enjoy the best of Nepal’s most stunning trekking destinations when you combine the Helambu Gosainkunda and Langtang treks. 

The path leads through thick woodlands and provides expansive vistas of the Alps. You also get to experience the customs and religion of the area, as well as the warmth of the locals. 

These are some of the highlights of our shared journey.

As you stroll through the verdant trees, you may spot some wildlife. 
Views of the Annapurna ranges, Langtang Lirung (7246m), Dorje Lhakpa (6430m), Yala Peak (5500m), and other mountains will be expansive. 
You will stroll to the captivating Gosaikunda lake, which is encircled by valleys. 
You’ll embark on a cultural hike around the Helambu area. 
The Hyolmo people’s warmth, friendliness, festivities, and affection will be enjoyed by you. 
You stroll across a variety of heights and rejoice in the perfect opportunity to view flora and wildflowers.

Helambu Gosainkunda with Langtang Trek Itinerary

The journey to Langtang Valley is the first stop on this combination trek’s itinerary. You will climb to the highest point on the Langtang Valley Trek, Kang Jin Gompa (3900m). After then, the path heads in the direction of the Gosainkunda trek track. The trail descends to the Helambu region (2560m) from the Gosainkunda lake (4380m). Melamchi Pul Bazaar marks the end of your combined trek. 

The route for this combination trip of Helambu Gosaikunda and Langtang is as follows.

Day 1 : Arrival at Kathmandu transfer to hotel.
Day 2 : Drive from Kathmandu to Syabru Besi (1,460m) Duration: 6-7 hours.
Day 3 : Trek from Syabru Besi to Lama Hotel (2,470m) Duration: 5-6 hours.
Day 4 : Trek from Lama Hotel to Langtang Village (3,400m) Duration: 5-6 hours.
Day 5 : Trek from Langtang village to Kyanjin Gompa (3,860m) Duration: 4-5 hours.
Day 6 : Acclimatization day at Kyanjin Gompa.
Day 7 : Trek from Kyanjin Gompa to Rimche (2,510m) Duration: 5-6 hours.
Day 8 : Trek from Rimche to Thulo Syabru(2,120m) Duration: 5-6 hours.
Day 9 : Trek from Thulo Syabru to Chandanbari (3,250m) Duration: 5-6 hours.
Day 10 : Trek from Chandanbari to Gosainkund (4,380m) Duration: 5-6 hours.
Day 11 : Trek from Gosainkund to Ghopte (3,440m) Duration: 6-7 hours.
Day 12 : Trek from Ghopte to Kutumsang (2,470m) Duration: 6-7 hours.
Day 13 : Trek from Kutumsang to Chisapani (2,175m) Duration: 6-7 hours.
Day 14 : Trek from Chisapani to Sundarijal then drive to Kathmandu(1,350m) Duration: 5-6 hours.
Day 15 : Final Departure day.

Please be aware that unforeseen circumstances may cause the trek’s duration to rise. The trip plan may need to be modified due to emergencies or unfavorable weather at high elevations. 

Since this itinerary is changeable, you are free to create a customized one that suits your needs. Please share your choices with us and we would be pleased to plan the trip together.

When to Plan for?

For example, spring and autumn are the greatest seasons to go on the Helambu Gosainkunda with Langtang Trek and the best times to go on the Gosainkunda, Langtang, and Helambu treks. In Nepal, March to May is considered spring, and September to early December is considered autumn. The best times to trek in Nepal are during each of these seasons. 

During these seasons, the daily temperature ranges from 10°C to 15°C (50°F to 59°F). The temperature drops to below 10°C at night. It’s warm throughout the day, which is ideal for strolling. There are clear views of the mountains, crisp air, and clear skies.

You can also take advantage of the clearest views of the surrounding landscapes during these months, as they are among the least humid in the Langtang area. The likelihood of clouds and fog obscuring the views of the surroundings is minimal. 

The trees are verdant and the flowers are at their peak in the spring. You will be able to see vibrant greenery and wildflowers. The vistas of the mountains are breathtakingly clear in the fall. Autumn is the ideal time of year to hike because of the woodlands’ changing colors and the cozy environment.

Langtang Valley Trek top routes are designed by Sherpa Expedition and Trekking teams for whatever season you like to trek. We make sure there are enough days for acclimatization so you can finish your walk without any issues.

Difficulty Level

This walk combines the challenging Helambu Gosainkunda and Langtang trek. At Tserko Ri (4984m), you will ascend to a maximum altitude of 3600m. Altitude sickness symptoms and chills may strike. Thus, it’s crucial to properly acclimate yourself throughout the hike. 

You are going to be in the mountains for two weeks. Along the route, strong winds, unforeseen snowfall, and downpours are occasionally possible. The trail becomes slick as a result. This walk could become more difficult in the event of challenging weather.

There are numerous steep trails on the trekking route to Langtang Valley. The trail continues uphill from Kang Jin Gompa to Gosainkunda Lake (4380m). To get to Cholangpati, the route begins with a steep trail and travels through a thick forest. The trail climbs steeply from Cholangpati to Lauribina Pass, from where Gosainkunda is an hour’s trek across the hills. 

The same day the trail becomes difficult after Gosainkunda. To get to Gopte, you will need to descend down a steep, rocky hill for six to seven hours (3440m). You get to walk on a much easier trekking track starting the following day. To get to Melamchi Pul, you will have to trek across numerous woodlands on level ground.

You will be strolling in the isolated areas of the Langtang region on this combined trek. Additionally, the entire exploratory journey will be undertaken on foot. You spend fifteen days walking five to six hours a day on average. Thus, before embarking on the expedition, get yourself ready by going for daily walks, workouts, swimming, etc.

Helambu Gosainkunda with Langtang Trek Costs

The entire price of Helambu The cost of the Gosainkunda and Langtang trek, including all government taxes, is between $900 and $1700. The total cost of this journey is more than the sum of the trek expenses for Langtang, Helambu, and Gosainkunda. This is because you will be spending more money on lodging, meals, porters, guides, and other services during your extended stay in the area. 

All of the major costs associated with the hike, including food, lodging, guides, permits, and the like, are covered by the package you select. However, they do not account for other expenses like donations, wifi, charging services, etc.

Would you want to participate in our combined Langtang and Helambu Gosainkunda trek? Tell us about your plans. We create the most amazing itinerary, take care of all your needs, and much more. Please get in touch with us if you would like more details about this journey or any other treks in Nepal.

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